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Microphones Stereo pair AKG C 414 B-ULS Electro Voice PL-20 Dynamic Shure SM 94 Condenser Shure SM 87 Condenser Shure SM 58 Dynamic Shure Beta 58 Dynamic Microphone Preamps Bellari RP 533 Studio Tube                                                               (2) Bellari RP 520 Stereo      Tube Mic Preamps Effects Altiverb Software Reverb VST plugins and DP plugins Monitor Speakers Mackie    HR824    Reference    Monitors Foxtex RP 60 Reference Monitors Altec S-2 AKG K270 Studio Headphones 4   Pairs   of   Audio   Tecnica   ATH-   M2X Headphones   Guitars, Amps and Instruments Vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom Epiphone Les Paul Studio Fender Jazz Bass Yamaha FG-160 Vintage Acoustic Guitar                   Line 6 Pod XT Mesa Boogie Guitar Amp Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone Selmer Artist Soprano Saxophone Armstrong Flute
Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer 7.2 MOTU 896HD Digital Interface MOTU 2408 Digital Interface Computer and Software MacPro Intel Dual 3Ghz PowerPC Apple Macintosh G5  PowerMac 1G Ram 40 Gig Hard Disc Peak 6 LE Mastering Software Adaptec Toast for CD Mastering to Maxoptix CD Max CD ROM Burner Antares Auto-Tune Evo  Plug in Nugen Audio Stereoizer, Mono Filter and Visualizer SampleTank2 Software Sampler   Tascam DA 30 MK II Dat Recorder Keyboards and Sound Modules Peavey DPM C8 88 Key Midi Controller Keyboard Native Instuments B4 Alesis Adat Type II Drums Alesis DM PRO Hart Dynamics Full Kit Fibes Acoustic Snare EZ Drummer Software Miscellaneous MOTU Micro Express 4X8 Midi and SMPTE Interface 

Lawton Recording Studio Equipment List

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National Recording Quality Here in North Carolina

Lawton Recording Studio