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 Owner Operator Richard Lawton
“I have been playing in bands since middle school in 1970. In   1972   I   was   lead   singer   for   a   band   called   Ezra   Storm   that toured   as   far   away   as   Indiana.   In   1974   I   played   in   a   band called   Enterprize   that   played   full   time   at   motels   and   clubs.     In   1979   That   band   plus   or   minus   a   few   members   evolved into   a   heavy   party   rock   band   (AC/DC   ish)   called   Thrush. (See   my   Facebook   page )      I   then   played   in   a   great   cover band    called    Castle.    I    got    married    and    settled    down    to playing   with   a   local   wedding   type   band   called   the   Spice   of Life.    I    have    since    worked    on    solo    projects    and    played periodically    with    local    musicians.    I    have    always    been playing   professionally   in   one   way   or   another.   I   owned   a night   club   called   the   Brass   Bit   from   1991   -   1998.   When   I sold   it,   I   built   the   current   Lawton   Recording   Studio.   I   have been    so    busy    recording    other    clients    that    it    seems    I haven’t   found   the   time   to   record   my   own   music.   I   will   soon include   some   samples   I   recorded   in   1984-88.      I   have   since tried    to    keep    improving    my    recording    and    production quality   and   still   do.   I   still   perform   by   doing   cocktail   music on the sax and DJing.”  
Lawton   Recording   Studio   was   started   in   1985   with   the   current   building   constructed   in   1998.      It   was built   from   the   ground   up   to   have   the   proper   dimensions   and   acoustics   for   recording   a   CD   or   mp3 to   national   quality   standards.   A   great   deal   research   and   attention   was   paid   to   constructing   the studio   to   textbook   specifications   for   even   frequency   response,   reverberance,   absorption   and diffusion of sound. Richard   Lawton   is   the   owner   operator   of   the   studio   and   has   over   40   years   in   the   music   industry. He   sings   and   plays   guitar,   saxophone,   flute,   keyboards   and   bass.   He   has   been   recording   as   a business   since   1985.   Since   then   he   has   recorded   all   types   of   music   and   all   types   of   instruments including   drums,   guitars   (acoustic   and   electric),   bass   (stand   up   and   electric),   violins,   violas,   harps, piano   and   keyboards,   dobros,   mandolins,   banjos,   pedal   steels,   congas,   percussion,   saxophones, trumpets   and   other   brass.   He   has   recorded   vocals   and   vocal   groups   from   individuals   to   choirs.   He has   recorded   almost   all   types   of   music   including   rock,   heavy   metal,   southern   rock,   screamo,      hip hop,    R&B,    African    American    gospel,        bluegrass,    bluegrass    gospel,    contemporary    Christian, karaoke vocalists, even marines chanting march cadences for ringtones.
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National Recording Quality Here in North Carolina

Lawton Recording Studio