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Recording Arts Lessons Learn the recording process from microphones to making beats to mixing and mastering. $60.00 per hour (that’s less than the price of private guitar lessons per hour) For More information email: You will need a laptop computer and a free demo copy of Acoustica Mixcraft software. Download free at:   
TAXIís Music Biz FAQs contain songwriting tips music-business information, and articles on Film & TV Music placement.

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Whether   you   are   bringing   in   your   own   beat   for   a   mix   tape,   singing   your   demo with   an   acoustic   guitar,   or   recording   a   whole   band.   Lawton   Recording   Studio   is here   to   make   your   project   come   to   life.   Located   in   Jacksonville,   North   Carolina, we   have   the   experience,   the   equipment   and   a   reasonable   price   to   take   your music   and   sound   to   the   next   level   and   beyond.   Lawton   Recording   Studio   was built    from    the    ground    up    to    have    the    proper    dimensions    and    acoustics    for recording   a   CD   or   mp3   to   national   quality   standards.   31   years   of   experience recording    rock,    hip    hop,    R&B,    bluegrass,    country,    gospel,    contemporary Christian, all types of acoustic instruments and even a choir.

National Recording Quality Here in North Carolina

Lawton Recording Studio